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Teri Ellen Cross and Hayes Davis met while Teri was working on Capitol Hill and Hayes was in graduate school.  They immediately bonded over a shared love of poetry--which continues to be the bedrock of their relationship--and found they also shared tastes in music, art, literature, natural landscapes, movies, and TV shows.  They are also both fiercely proud of their hometowns--Cleveland and Philadelphia.
Over the last 22 years they have added wedding rings, a house, and children to their relationship, but their foundation will always be poetry.  They turn to each other first when they have written a new poem.  They savored releasing their first books within weeks of each other, and were thrilled when Teri won post-publcation awards for her first collection and a pre-publication award for her second.  Rather than giving up poetry while raising intellectually rambunctious and creative children, they have learned to take even better advantage of the time they get to write, and have had no trouble writing about the joys and challenges of parenting.
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